Basic Electricity (120 Hours)

The workshop will allow you in a short time to be prepared to get a well-paid job in the Electricity area. Classes are virtual and practical in the laboratory. You can take the workshop in three months or in your spare time, with professors who will be available to help you. The workshop contains 6 courses with assignments and achievement tests. In this course, the student is offered to master both the theoretical and practical aspects with the technical knowledge and practical skills of electricity in the repair and installation of electrical components and devices. The course covers the fundamentals of electricity including multimeter use and voltage measurements. open, closed, parallel and series electrical circuits. Includes alternating and direct current with circuits D.C., A.C. and identification of components and devices, in addition to branch circuits with, installation of switches, faults, identification of switches, 120 vac receptacle station and installation, 220 vac receptacle and 220 vac electrical panel. The certification includes practical (40 hours) and theoretical (80 hours) courses, basic electricity,plumbing, masonry, mechanics, and electronics.

Source of jobs

Many industries and on their own.

Additional Information

Workshop face-to-face: Classes at IBI or Hybrid

Workshop Online

Once the workshop begins, you will have a professor assigned with your email to direct you through the courses, username, and password.



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