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Industrial Biotech International guarantee you will be satisfied with our training programs.

The Mission of Industrial Biotech International is to promote interdisciplinary education in the areas of Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, Sciences Allied to Medicine (Animal), Environmental Sciences, Engineering- Technologies. The IBI promotes in its Mission the fundamental beliefs of Excellence, Accessibility, Innovations, Entrepreneurism, Comprehensiveness, Leadership, and an effective link with the community. At IBI it is believed that teamwork, communication, and community service contribute to a quality education.


We guarantee you will be satisfied with our training programs. Our course curriculum focuses on the latest technologies, with courses available for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced developer. IBI professors are experts in the field and are willing and able to pass their knowledge, tips, and tricks on to you. The Industrial Biotech International curricular offerings include advanced training; professional education, technical courses, certificates, Industrial on site Training and Educational Travels Courses.

The Institution also provides an extensive offering of continuing education courses for occupational advancement and personal interest, as well as economic development services that encourage business and industrial growth in the predominantly manufacturing community.
Industrial Biotech International

Industrial Biotech International pursues its mission based on these fundamental beliefs:


The Industrial Biotech International is dedicated to achieving highest quality through continuous improvement of personnel, programs, and physical environment. Each area is held accountable for assessing the attainment of its intended outcomes.


The Industrial Biotech International initiates and promotes new programs and services to provide state-of-the-art education to meet the changing needs of the community.


The Industrial Biotech International believes that every individual deserves an educational opportunity. Therefore, the Institute is accessible and with flexible scheduling.


The Industrial Biotech International offers a diversity of educational programs and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of a global community.


The Industrial Biotech International is a catalyst for innovation in the educational arena and through partnering with the global community.


The Industrial Biotech International encourages and promotes innovative ideas, projects, and efforts to improve services to the community.



The Industrial Biotech International believes that teamwork, communication, and service contribute to quality education.

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