Installation Photovoltaic Systems (120 hours)

In this workshop the student can compare power systems based on a centralized generation scheme,
can calculate, and carry out a load study based on the equipment needed. In addition, you can install
your own solar energy system.
The course includes Combined Circuits, Serial Mount, Parallel Mount, Plate Voltage Measurement,
Safety and Wiring and its numbering. DC Power Supply Batteries, Series, Parallel, Battery Maintenance
and DC inverters. Shadow Study, Interconnection Regulations, and its Net Metering connections. Design
Installation Photovoltaic Systems.
The certification includes practical (40 hours) and theoretical (80 hours) courses, basic electricity, plumbing,
masonry, mechanics, and electronics.
Source of jobs: Many industries and on their own.
Workshop face-to-face: Classes at IBI or Hybrid
Workshop Online: once the workshop begins, you will have a professor assigned with your email to direct you through the
courses, username, and password.



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