Biochemistry (BTBS800)

The course covers water properties, nucleic acids, lipids, proteins and its dimensional structure, enzymatic catalysis, kinetics and signaling. In metabolism the course covers basic cycles: Glucose catabolism, fermentation, citric acid cycle, electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation, and photosynthesis. It covers biosynthesis of glycogen, lipids, amino acids and nucleotide.

Course Tuition & Registration
  • On-Line Course: Biochemistry
  • The course offers 3 credits
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Text in English. Communication with professors could be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

* In order to create the user name, password and contact professor, IBI will request the Student University or College ID.
Group rate applies to two or more enrollments registering at the same time, from the same company, for the same course. This rate is per person. To people in the group, IBI will request information to open the course.

Tuition payable in US funds.

There is a limit of 3 courses every term. A term at IBI comprises 8 weeks. For On-Line course you are able to register at any time.

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