Environmental Industrial Microbiology (MIBS824)

The course focuses in the fundamental principles of environmental microbiology and their interactions with industrial processes. The course will address the characteristics of microorganisms with emphasis on pyrogen production, infectious diseases, biotechnology applications and molecular techniques. Use of basic techniques as well as semi and automatic techniques to identified microorganism. The course will revise the …

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Microbial Molecular Biology & Genetics (MIBS822)

The course covers gene structure, replication, expression, transcription, translation, and protein maturation. Encompass Cellular regulation and regulation of gene expression in Eukaryote and Achaea; Mechanisms of Genetic Variation and Microbial Genomics Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Proteomics and Comparative Genomics. Course Tuition & Registration On-Line Course: Microbial Molecular Biology & Genetics The course offers 3 credits Registration Cost …

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