Veterinary Assistant

The Veterinary Assistant program prepares personnel to assist the veterinarian in different facets. The duties cover various functions in veterinary clinics, animal research laboratories, veterinary hospitals, pet houses, and farms for domestic and exotic animals, zoos, sales of domestic and exotic animals. Within the practice of Veterinary Assistant, it is included, veterinary
technology, veterinary terminology, anatomy-physiology of small and large animals, microbiology, parasitology, exotic animals, nutrition, clinical pathology, imaging, pharmacology, toxicology, anesthesia, clinical practice, and nursing critical care.

Source of jobs: Job sources are veterinary clinics, animal research laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and pet
houses, farms for domestic and exotic animals (polleras, dairy farms, stables, racetracks, pigs), zoos, sales on domestic and
exotic animals.
Educational Format: The format of the IBI diploma programs consists of 3 semesters of 16 weeks.
Requirements: Have completed High School or a higher degree.
Program face-to-face: Classes at IBI or Hybrid

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