The program is designed to prepare operators for biotechnological or related industries. It contains applied science courses in biological chemistry, microbiology, sanitization, cleaning, aseptic techniques, and gowning. It includes plant design, bioreactors for mammalian cell growth and prokaryotic fermentation. In bioprocessing deals with protein induction, production, recovery,purification, formulation, filling, packing and DNA technology. In addition, the program will address the topics of good manufacturing practices (GMP), validations, and the regulations that apply in the industry.

Source of jobs

The Biotechnology Technician Program offers a wide variety of paid work options: including duties such as prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell culture, microbiological sampling, bioreactor, centrifugation, homogenizers, protein purification, ultrafiltration systems maintenance. As technician other duties is working in the preparation of solutions, buffers and in the areas of metrology. In industries in cleaning and sterilization of industrial equipment (“Cleaning in Place, CIP”, “Sterilization in Place, SIP”), protein formulation and aseptic filling technician. The industry offers many more opportunities including
regulations, quality control and validations. Other allied industries could be in pharmaceutical, medical device, agricultural, food, chemical and many more.

Educational Format

The format of the IBI diploma programs consists of 2 semesters of 16 weeks.Requirements: Have completed High School or a higher degree. It is desirable to have previous professional experience, post-secondary basic courses and/or be displaced.

Additional Information

Program face-to-face: Classes at IBI or Hybrid

Program Online

Once the program begins, you will have a professor assigned with your email to direct you through the courses,username, and password.


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