This program includes recognition and skills in development, challenges of modern education role and work in the teaching-learning process, evaluation system in the teaching-learning process. Includes teaching methodology of pharmaceutical sciences, information technology and communications in the teaching-earning process and the modality of research methods. It includes three of the fundamental aspects that are solid, liquid, and semi-solid doses.
The program will allow you in a short time to be prepared to get a well-paid job in Industrial Pharmaceutical for Educatora. Classes are virtual. You can take the program in three months or in your spare time, with professors who will be available to help you. The program contains 10 modules-courses with homework and achievement tests.





Applied Biological Chemistry
Molecular Biotechnology
Solid Dosages
Parenteral Dosages
Semi-Solid Dosages
Plant Design & Engineering Biopharmaceutics
Industrial Biotechnology
Environmental Industrial Microbiology
Regulations and GMP/GLP in Biotechnologies

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