The certification includes pharmaceutical quality control, principles of validation, analytical Transfer and
covers the relevant areas of the pharmaceutical industry including solid dosages, parenteral and semi-
solids. In solid Dosages the certification covers the relevant topics in the tablet production including raw
material, physicochemical characteristics of constituents, formulation design, wet and dry granulation,
drying application, mixing, blending of powders, handling and milling, and filling of two-piece capsules. In
parental (liquid) includes routes of administration, formulation, sterilization, depyrogenation, filters,
injection, and freeze-dried products. In addition, the certification covers the technology of semi-solid
dosificaciones y sistema utilizado en dispensaciones farmacéuticas para formular suspensiones no acuosas de producción a gran escala de cremas, ungüentos y suspensiones de emulsiones.



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