The program develops the skills to train personnel with knowledge about motivations and how to protect themselves in case of terrorism. The training emphasizes biological, chemical, nuclear warfare, cyberterrorism. Provides the microbiological,sampling, and clothing fundamentals of how to prepare for and respond to a terrorist attack. It emphasizes how to use the resources of air, water, and food. Offers insights on how to prepare communities before a disaster. Trains in tracking, criminal investigation management and intelligence analysis training.

Source of jobs

Motivation of global terrorism, applied biological chemistry, applied microbiology, biological warfare & terrorism, chemical and nuclear warfare terrorism, community emergency response (simulation training), bioterrorism preparedness, use of safe air, water & food. Jobs available in the local and federal agencies.

Educational Format

The format of the IBI diploma programs consists of 2 semesters of 16 weeks. Requirements: Have completed High School or a higher degree. It is require to have previous professional experience, post-secondary basic courses and/or be displaced.

Additional Information

Program face-to-face: Classes at IBI or Hybrid
Program Online: once the program begins, you will have a professor assigned with your email to direct you through the courses,username, and password.


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